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  • Is your facility wheelchair accessible?

    No. There are two flights of stairs that’s access Up All Night

  • Do I have to register every time I use your service?

    No. You have register one time and establish username and password. Then use establish username and password to login and make payment.

  • Do I have to be there at the time you open or can I come later?

    No. You pick the time you have signed up for. Please understand there is no refund on unused time.

  • Do I get a refund if I do not use all the time I registered for?


  • Can someone else use my slot if my plans change and I can’t make it?


  • Do you take State Subsidy payments?

    No, not at the moment

  • Can I pay with cash or check?

    No. You must pay online each time.

  • How many staff members will be there to care for my child?

    It’s a standard of 2 staff members. Staff is added based on the number of participants for the day.

  • Is there a deadline for registering for the day?

    No there is no deadline. Up All Night is designed for your convenience during our hours of operation.

  • Can my child bring electronic games or personal items?

    No! We are NOT responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged items.

  • Can my child do his/her homework while in your care?

    Yes! We will provide a space (no computer) for homework. We will not help/check the homework, ensure completion, nor make sure materials are returned home. We will not provide materials for completion i.e. pencils, crayons, glue, etc.

  • Will you enforce my punishment plan such as No T.V., No playing, No Fun?


  • Do you administer medication?

    No. Upon arrival you must let me know that you have given your child medication.

  • What if my child is a little sick/cold?

    If your child has any illness your child can not participant in the service until he/she is free of illness. If we discover that you child is that your child is not free of illness we reserve the right to terminate our services.

  • Do I need extra change of clothes or pull-ups?

    Yes. If your child is not fully potty trained you have to provide an extra set of change set of changing clothes i.e top, bottom, sock, under wear and diaper/pull ups.

  • How do I dress my child?

    Please allow your child to dress for messy activities we are not responsible for paint, markers, glue messy scientific experience on clothes. Children should wear clothing and shoes that they can move/run easily in.

  • Is the hourly rate less if my child (ren) will be asleep during their service?

    No. The staff is responsible for staying alert and keeping the environment safe even if the children are asleep during some or all of the service.

  • Can my child still attend if I am running late?

    Absolutely, please understand that will be no extensions and no refunds issued for lost time.

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